Achmad Hamami and Family

PT Trakindo is not a strange name for Indonesians in the field of heavy equipment industry, and Achmad Hamami is the one behind it. He and his family are currently running Trakindo, which is Indonesia’s most famous Caterpillar heavy equipment distribution, with wealth that worth $1.5 billion. A man with colorful background and experiences, Achmad Read more about Achmad Hamami and Family[…]

Ciliandra Fangiono

Age is not a problem for the resilient; at the relatively young age of thirty eight, Ciliandra Fangiono became the youngest billionaire in Indonesia ever. He is currently running successful palm oil companies in the form of First Resources and PT Ciliandra Perkasa, together with his brother Cik Sigih. His wealth is about $1.7 billion in total, Read more about Ciliandra Fangiono[…]

Sukanto Tanoto

Sukanto Tanoto The name of Sukanto Tanoto is famous because he is famous businessman too. He has lots of business especially in pulp and paper field. He is now 64 years old. He is now living in Singapore to develop some businesses there. He has 4 children and his children also handle his business too Read more about Sukanto Tanoto[…]

The Richest Brothers in Indonesia, Michael Hartono and R. Budi

The name of brothers, Michael Hartono and R. Budi are the richest brothers in Indonesia. They are brothers from Kudus, Central Java, Indonesia. They have already chosen as richest brothers for fifth year. There are some reasons why they finally are chosen as the richest brothers in Indonesia. People can see from their asset. They Read more about The Richest Brothers in Indonesia, Michael Hartono and R. Budi[…]