Ciliandra Fangiono

Ciliandra Fangiono

Ciliandra Fangiono

Age is not a problem for the resilient; at the relatively young age of thirty eight, Ciliandra Fangiono became the youngest billionaire in Indonesia ever. He is currently running successful palm oil companies in the form of First Resources and PT Ciliandra Perkasa, together with his brother Cik Sigih. His wealth is about $1.7 billion in total, and his company is even counted among one of companies listed in Singapore effect. Under his leadership, First Resources (which was originally run by his father) can increase its stock to no less than thirty percents.

Young Businessman in Family Company

Ciliandra Fangiono was born in a business conscious family, since his father Martias Fangiono was the founder of palm oil company First Resources. The company was successful and Ciliandra was automatically earned the position to continue his father’s business. However, do not think that he is among that generation of new rich young people. Graduated with cum laude from Cambridge University and has senior economy degree, he is a smart and resilient businessman that managed to increase the company’s stock to thirty percents, and even built new company, PT Ciliandra Perkasa, which is officially still operating under First Resources.

Before managing his father’s company, Ciliandra first worked at Merrill Lynch in Singapore, at Investment Banking Division. At this company, he acquired experiences in mergers, funding and acquisitions. Later, his father trusted him to run First Resources with his brother. First Resources are currently operating in oleo chemicals, while PT Ciliandra Perkasa deals with palm oil production. Currently, Ciliandra has more than 247,000 hectares of palm oil plantation, as well as 74% of stock at First Resources. He is currently a president director of PT Ciliandra Perkasa. Ciliandra is still hailed as the youngest billionaire in Indonesia, and even once got Price Waterhouse Book Prize.

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