Theodore Rachmat

Theodore Rachmat

Theodore Permadi Rachmat

Theodore Rachmat

People in Indonesia know Theodore Permadi Rachmat who is also known as Theodore Rachmat as the ex boss of Astra Group, who retired from the company in 2002. However, it did not stop him from keep working and accumulating massive amount of wealth, which has reached $1.9 billion. At the age of seventy, he is now the proud owner of Triputra Group, a large umbrella corporate that houses several successful companies with diverse fields of industries.

Diversified Wealth Sources of Theodore Permadi Rachmat

After retired from his position as Astra Group leader, this Bandung Institute of Technology graduate built Triputra Group, which has companies that works in logistic, coal mining, manufacture, apparel, rubber, agriculture, trading and micro finance. His experiences as Astra Group leader helped him to develop Triputra Group, making it one of the most successful groups in Indonesia in just 10 years. His main characteristics are being humble, but always focus on achievements.

Theodore Rachmat started his career by building a construction company with his brother, Benedictus, called PT Porta Nigra in year 1970. He also worked as an intern at Gevehe B, a company in Netherland, as well as heavy equipment salesman at Allis Chalmers Astra. In year 1972, he became director of PT Federal Motor (later become PT Astra Honda Motor). Even after no longer working at Astra, Theodore invited some of his trusted acquaintances to work with him at Triputra Group.

Now, Theodore Rachmat is not only a successful business person, but also a philanthropist and a person dedicated to the improvement of education and entrepreneurship spirit. He built Yayasan Indonesia Belajar Mandiri that provided scholarships for poor students, and Yayasan Dharma Bhakti Parasahabat that provided micro finance for housewives so they can also become providers for the family. His ultimate dream is eradicating poverty and illiteracy by providing job opportunities, scholarships and micro credit support for small business owners.

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