Eka Tjandranegara

Biography of Eka Tjandranegara

Eka Tjandranegara moved up the ranks of the Indonesia’s richest list as the property boom continues unabated in Indonesia. The increase in wealth is mainly through Mulia Land and the publicly-listed Mulia Industrindo, both of which are part of the Mulia Group. Foundation laid for Mulia Group Together with his brothers, Eka Tjandranegara laid the Read more about Biography of Eka Tjandranegara[…]

Sukanto Tanoto and the Remarkable Success of the RGE (Royal Global Eagle) Group

The RGE is a powerful group of companies recognized worldwide as one of the most important business groups associated with various resource-based manufacturing industries. RGE’s leader, world renowned visionary, philanthropist and corporate entrepreneur, Sukanot Tanoto has run the group through decisions that led to its exponential expansion and the production of goods and resources that Read more about Sukanto Tanoto and the Remarkable Success of the RGE (Royal Global Eagle) Group[…]

Kusnan Rusdi Kirana

Biography of Kusnan & Rusdi Kirana

The Beginning The Kirana brothers inherited their entrepreneurial spirit from their father, who used to own a small garment factory. The entrepreneurs started their business empire from a travel agency in Indonesia, which drove them to set up their own airline after picking up insights into the airline industry. Lion Air was launched in 2000 Read more about Biography of Kusnan & Rusdi Kirana[…]

Putra Sampoera

Biography of Putera Sampoerna

Putera Sampoerna attained his fortune as heir to the Sampoerna cigarette company (PT HM Sampoerna Tbk.), one of Indonesia’s largest tobacco company. Being born rich, Putera was educated abroad since young, completing his secondary education in Hong Kong and college education in USA. He led the company from 1978 until 2000, when he was replaced Read more about Biography of Putera Sampoerna[…]


Biography of Tahir

The founder and chairman of the Mayapada Group, Tahir’s entrepreneurial roots began during his university days, where he started a small retail business selling goods bought in Singapore to Surabaya. The Beginning of Mayapada Group Tahir started the Mayapada Group with a garment and textile manufacturing business in 1986, and four years later, he founded Read more about Biography of Tahir[…]