Chairul Tanjung

All people must often hear the name of Chairul Tanjung. He is famous after he launched his biography book so people are easy to see all things and story behind of his success now. He is now 51 years old and he has some businesses in some fields too. He is coming from Jakarta and he finished his education in Medical Doctor from University of Indonesia. Now he has two children and his children also help him to handle his business. He is called as number five top richest businessmen in Indonesia based on famous Forbes magazine.

He has top 5 TV stations and he is famous as head of Trans Corp too. Now, Trans Corp is very famous because this company always gives fresh entertainment to all people in Indonesia and Trans Corp becomes the number one television company in Indonesia. He also has Telkom Vision. Telkom Vision is famous as pay TV Company. He has also banking business with his Bank Mega. People will know him with his Carrefour Indonesia, Mango, and Versace too. Now, he also tries to have business related with footwear and also roof tiles. He is chosen as top five businessmen in Indonesia because he has asset $4 Million now.