Kartini Muljadi

Kartini Muljadi

Kartini Muljadi

Among the list of Forbes’ 50 Indonesia Richest, eighty four year old Kartini Muljadi is the only woman. Her phenomenal career path started from the field of law, where she achieved amazing achievements. She has around $1.42 billion of wealth, and even now her son runs the family’s pharmacy company, she is still active in law field under the name of Kartini Muljadi dan Rekan (Kartini Muljadi and Partners). Her family’s pharmacy company, Tempo Scan, just sold its stock for more than $200 million.

Kartini Muljadi’s Career Path

After graduated from the Law Faculty at Universitas Indonesia in Jakarta, Kartini started her career as a judge at Pengadilan Negeri Istimewa Jakarta. She was among the very first Indonesian judges that entered Indonesia’s Judicial Department after all Dutch judges retired after Indonesia’s independence in 1945. In 1953, her family established Tempo Scan, which later became successful pharmacy company. After the death of her husband in year 1973, she decided to pursue education as notary and became top notary that provided services for Indonesia’s biggest companies between 1970’s and 1980’s. She started to gain name among company owners because of this.

Besides earning profits of shares from Tempo Scan, she also established her own law firm in year 1990, and gave consultation to national and multinational companies. During Indonesia’s monetary crisis between 1997 and 1998, she helped ruined banks and financial institutions by giving law and business advices. She was also active in efforts of improving the activity of Indonesia’s stock market after crisis, earning her Capital Market Lifetime Achievement Award in 2004 from the President Megawati Soekarno Putri.

Currently, Tempo Scan is run by her son Handojo, and the family still enjoys profits from Tempo Scan shares. They even just sold the company’s shares for $218 million, and Tempo Scan continues producing Indonesia’s famous brands of medicines and other pharmacy products.

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