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Sukanto Tanoto, World Class Businessman with Social Movement

Being Famous as a successful entrepreneur, Sukanto Tanoto is the founder and chairman of the Royal Golden Eagle or RGE, which was first established in 1973. RGE Group was previously named as RGM through starting the plywood industry that has made Indonesia upgrade its raw material exports into more value-added products. Starting the first step Read more about Sukanto Tanoto, World Class Businessman with Social Movement[…]

Sukanto Tanoto

Sukanto Tanoto The name of Sukanto Tanoto is famous because he is famous businessman too. He has lots of business especially in pulp and paper field. He is now 64 years old. He is now living in Singapore to develop some businesses there. He has 4 children and his children also handle his business too Read more about Sukanto Tanoto[…]