Boenjamin Setiawan and Family

All people must know too Boenjamin Setiawan. He is one of famous businessmen in Indonesia. His main business is in pharma field. He is now 80 years old and he has two children. In 2012 he was number 9 of Indonesia’s richest and in 2013 was chosen as number 7 Indonesia’s richest businessman. It means he increases his asset in one year only and it is very significant.

Boenjamin Setiawan is famous with his Kalbe Farma. Kalbe Farma is known as largest pharma company I Indonesia. Pharma products from Kalbe Farma have already sold to some countries such as Vietnam and also Myanmar. He also has private hospital with oncology facilities in Jakarta. He tries to create better private hospital for all people in Indonesia especially in Jakarta. He also tries to give better medicine for all diseases.

He doesn’t handle his business alone. He also shares his business with his siblings and also children. He is chosen as number 7 Indonesia’s richest because he has asset more than $3 Million now. People can find some Kalbe Pharma products such as medicine, milk, and some other products. People are easy to see detail profile of Dr. Boen in his website now. 2013 was better year for Dr. Boen and Family.