Biography of Susilo Wonowidjojo

Gudang Garam is a famous Indonesian brand of cogarette that has reached massive popularity in many countries, as well as taking up large percentage of cigarette supplies in the country. Susilo Wonowidjojo is the man that is steering the company into huge success; so successful that it made him landed to Forbes list of Indonesia’s Read more about Biography of Susilo Wonowidjojo[…]

Biography of Chairul Tanjung

Indonesians now know Chairul Tanjung as Minister of Economy, but the Jakarta born businessman also has several successful companies before being elected as minister. He is an example of successful people who must go through oppressing era of Indonesian New Order, only to emerge with enormous success through hard work. The owner of Para Group, Read more about Biography of Chairul Tanjung[…]

Biography of Sri Prakash Lohia

Not all richest Indonesians in Forbes list are from Sumatra or Chinese descendant. Indian born Sri Prakash Lohia is a successful owner of polyester fiber manufacturer Indorama Ventures (formerly Indorama Synthetics). Although he only continued a family business, he managed to take the business into the next level by taking it into the public list Read more about Biography of Sri Prakash Lohia[…]

Biography of Martua Sitorus

Martua Sitorus is a person that people from North Sumatra often use as example of successful Batak figures. The owner of Wilmar International Limited and about 48 companies in Indonesia alone, Martua is an example of how resilience and willingness to learn can lead to success. Like many Indonesian billionaires from North Sumatra, Martua got Read more about Biography of Martua Sitorus[…]

Biography of Murdaya Poo

Murdaya Poo (Poo Tjie Guan) is a man with numerous talents; not only he is a successful owner of international group, but he is also a great investor and politician. Besides developing his contractor company into successful Central Cipta Murdaya Group, he also managed to develop political career as legislative member in 2004-2009 period from Read more about Biography of Murdaya Poo[…]

Biography of Ciliandra Fangiono

Looking at Forbes list of richest Indonesians, usually we will see names of business people that are already around 60 years old and above. However, Ciliandra Fangiono is one name that does not follow that rule, being the only person that just reaches his late 30s. Granted, he started his business by continuing family business, Read more about Biography of Ciliandra Fangiono[…]

Biography of Achmad Hamami and Family

PT Trakindo Utama has been Indonesia’s most famous heavy equipment dealer in Indonesia, and Achmad Hamami is the one behind its success. Established in 1971, it quickly rose to become one of the most successful heavy equipment dealers, especially for Caterpillar brand. At the time when such business was not really popular, Achmad Hamami chose Read more about Biography of Achmad Hamami and Family[…]

Biography of Eddy Katuari

Eddy Katuari may only have Wings Group, but this one enterprise reaches many fields of business. He managed to turn a seemingly simple family business that only has limited domestic customers to a giant enterprise that has domestic and foreign customers, with millions of dollars profits every year. Although he started as the second generation, Read more about Biography of Eddy Katuari[…]

Biography of Hary Tanoesoedibjo

Hary Tanoesoedibjo is an Indonesian entrepreneur even though he was recently popular as a political figure. Today, he holds a strategic role in several famous companies in Indonesia, including MNC Group (where he serves as a CEO), Global Mediacom, and Bhakti Investama brand. He also has become a major speaker for various seminars and a Read more about Biography of Hary Tanoesoedibjo[…]

Ir. Ciputra

Among famous architects and property magnates in Indonesia, Ir. Ciputra is a big name with several property groups, philanthropy projects in education and also one of Forbes’ richest Indonesians. With wealth that worth around $1.3 billion, he is a perfect example of how difficult childhood and past life are not impediments for the resilient. His Read more about Ir. Ciputra[…]

Hary Tanoesoedibjo

While many Indonesians now know him as a politican, Hary Tanoesoedibjo is still more famous as successful self made businessman, notably thanks to his MNC Group media company. His wealth worth of $1.35 billion and most comes from media companies such as TV, magazines, radio, tabloids and newspapers. While many controversies in politics that surround Read more about Hary Tanoesoedibjo[…]

Kartini Muljadi

Among the list of Forbes’ 50 Indonesia Richest, eighty four year old Kartini Muljadi is the only woman. Her phenomenal career path started from the field of law, where she achieved amazing achievements. She has around $1.42 billion of wealth, and even now her son runs the family’s pharmacy company, she is still active in Read more about Kartini Muljadi[…]