Murdaya Poo

murdaya poo

Murdaya Poo

Say what you want about Murdaya Poo, but you cannot deny that the man is a typical successful businessman with respected sense of achievements. Through his diverse businesses that he runs with the name of Central Cipta Murdaya Group, he managed to accumulate $1.75 billion worth of wealth. He is also an example of success stories of Chinese descendant Indonesian that started and developed very successful business. Even after bribery scandal that involved his wife, Hartati, Murdaya Poo’s business kingdom still runs well.

Humble Beginning of Murdaya Poo

Born in Blitar, East Java seventy four years ago, Murdaya Poo had humble beginning, but already had business instinct since young thanks to his experience selling newspaper. He started his path as an entrepreneur by starting Central Cipta Murdaya Group in year 1972 with his wife, choosing the field of construction and utilities, smartly guessed that his company would be successful because it was the only company at that time that dealt with such business fields. Eventually, Murdaya expanded his business in various fields such as timber, agriculture, real estate and exhibition space rental.

When his company finally expanded, Murdaya started to work together and form partnership with other big companies such as Fuji Electric, Asea Brown Boveri in Switzerland, and Nike. Central Cipta Murdaya was a company that later become successful marketer of Nike shoes in Indonesia, as well as other manufacturing giants such as IBM, Symantec, HP and Hitachi. These products are now among the most recognizable brands in Indonesia. Now, the company has more than 4,500 employees.

Currently, Murdaya Poo is also running the business in communication, which is responsible for WIGO WiMAX gadget and broadband connection service called WiMAX. He is also a devout Buddhist and among the contributor for WALUBI, a Buddhist organization that was originally founded by his wife.