Sri Prakash Lohia

When people read his name, people will think that he is not coming from Indonesia. Sri Prakas Lohia is one of richest businessmen in Indonesia now. He is now is 61 years old. He is also residence of London, United Kingdom to support his business in the world. He finished his education as Bachelor of Arts and Science from Delhi University. He has already married and now he has two children that have business too. He gets his wealth now because he has some business such as growing, polyester and also inherited business.

His polyester company is Indorama Ventures and Nigerian Petrochemicals plant. He gets lots of profit from his company. He also has textile spinning mills in other countries such as Turkey and also Sri Lanka. He is famous because of his glove maker company. He just launches Politeknik Enjinering Indorama and invests more than $6 million for this school. He is finally chosen as number six Indonesia’s richest because he has more than $3.7 Million now. He always develops his business so he can earn lots of money again. He hopes he can become the first Indonesia’s richest businessman in the future. It is easy to check his profile in his website.