Building Bonds, Breaking Fast: Sukanto Tanoto’s APRIL Breaks Fast with Journalists

Sukanto Tanoto has always focused on building good relationships with the various groups of communities that he works with. The veteran entrepreneur is the chairman of RGE, a global resources giant that manages several of the biggest names in the natural resources industry – including APRIL, Sateri, and Pacific Oil and Gas. Underlying his success, in what has been a movie-worthy rags-to-riches story, has been his unwavering commitment to doing good for the community.

A belief, to an idea, to a philosophy

In 50 years of business, Sukanto Tanoto has operated on the  belief in the better angels of our nature, that we would all be better and stronger if we just helped each other a little more. It is an idea that has shaped Sukanto Tanoto’s personal philosophy, with the self-made businessman espouses the 5Cs: to create good for the Community, Country, Climate, Customers, and Company. It is the fuel on which his companies operate, the desire and aim to live and interact in a symbiotic relationship with all its stakeholders.

Building bonds, spreading the joy

To that end, APRIL most recently held an iftar (breaking of fast) with journalists from the Indonesian Merakan Journalists Association (PWI). Representing PT RAPP, APRIL’s Indonesian subsidiary, was SHR Manager RAPP Meranti Region Saman Hadi Arifin, and Media Relations PT RAPP staff Budi Firmansyah, Disra Alldrick, and Frederick. Breaking fast with dozens of journalists, all of whom were members of PWI Meranti, the event was meant further strengthen the relationship between the journalists who had worked alongside Sukanto Tanoto’s APRIL.

The event was one of joy, a rare occasion for many of the journalists. Chairman of PWI Meranti, Ahmad Yuliar Sikom, was deeply appreciative for PT RAPP’s invitation to the event, for being the only company to have thought of hosting such an event. With Sukanto Tanoto’s ideology ubiquitous amongst the RGE group, the Riau Pos newspaper journalist may take comfort in the knowledge that the relationship building exercises will carry on into the future as the community surely continues to be an integral part of RGE’s plans.