Susilo Wonowidjojo and Family

All people often heard name of Susilo Wonowidjojo. He is now called as top four Indonesia’s richest businessman based Forbes Magazine. He has some business in some fields such as tobacco, inherited and also growing. He is coming from Jakarta and now he is 58 years old. He has already married and now he has 4 children that also help him in handling all businesses and companies. There are some reasons why Forbes finally chosen him as numbers four richest in Indonesia.

2012 is the years of bigger loser for Susilo Wonowidjojo and family because he lost more than $2.1 billion and more than $5 billion only in two years. He has famous cigarette brand and company, Gudang Garam and he got some problems because of poor harvest. That is why, the production of cigarette is not in good condition. The tobacco quality is not so good. Although there are so many problems that make he must feel happy in number four richest in Indonesia, he now has new business with his Graha Surya Media. He is chosen as number four of richest businessman in Indonesia because he has 5.3 million assets now. You can read detail profile of him in his site.