Batik Instinct: Sukanto Tanoto-led APRIL Praised by Wife of Police Chief for Community-Based Batik Programme

Batik has been a mainstay of Indonesia’s rich history and culture; its intricate details and often-imaginative motifs have been hugely popular with locals and tourists alike. In a recent visit to the Rumah Batik Andalan, a community-based Batik production house, the wife of the chief of Bhayangkari District Police, Riau praised the good work being[…]

Welcome to the Jungle: Under Sukanto Tanoto’s Guidance, APRIL Set to Boost Tourism in Indonesia

RGE founder Sukanto Tanoto has always managed his hugely successful resource empire according to the 4Cs philosophy: To create good for the Community, Climate, Country, and the Company. This quadruple bottomline has served as a useful guide for RGE and its business groups –including companies such as APRIL, Sateri, and Pacific Oil and Gas – in coming up with[…]

The Sustainable Land Management Business Forum – Seeking Better Solutions to Land Degradation

  The Sustainable Land Management Business Forum was developed by the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification in order for corporations, NGOs and government entities to sit down together and discuss possible solutions to land degradation and for ensuring a healthier environment. This year, APRIL Group Chairman, Bey Soo Khiang attended the Forum, and presented[…]

Imelda Tanoto and the Tanoto Foundation’s Support in Improving Educational Resources

The Tanoto Foundation has long been known to provide assistance to schools and educational facilities throughout Indonesia. Recently, however, the Foundation has taken its initiatives one step forward by inaugurating the launch of two brand new facilities at Universitas Bhayangkara Jaya – the Tanoto Library and the Grha Tanoto. Present at the event was none[…]

New Hope for the Children of Jakarta – Improvements for Local Educational Facilities

In Jakarta, children have been suffering from neglection for a long time, and parents often have very little choice when it comes to ensuring that their kids are able to benefit from improved education and care. In most cases, they are forced by circumstances and work schedules to leave their children with a caregiver who[…]

A Step Forward for the Children of Jakarta with Help from the Tanoto Foundation

Although Jakarta is one of the areas of Indonesia that have been improving their development, the city still has a deficit in the development of residential areas, particularly when it comes to open spaces where children can play and learn. The Tanoto Foundation has worked together with the local Government to solve this crucial issue[…]

Sukanto Tanoto and the Remarkable Success of the RGE (Royal Global Eagle) Group

The RGE is a powerful group of companies recognized worldwide as one of the most important business groups associated with various resource-based manufacturing industries. RGE’s leader, world renowned visionary, philanthropist and corporate entrepreneur, Sukanot Tanoto has run the group through decisions that led to its exponential expansion and the production of goods and resources that[…]

Putra Sampoera

Biography of Putera Sampoerna

Putera Sampoerna attained his fortune as heir to the Sampoerna cigarette company (PT HM Sampoerna Tbk.), one of Indonesia’s largest tobacco company. Being born rich, Putera was educated abroad since young, completing his secondary education in Hong Kong and college education in USA. He led the company from 1978 until 2000, when he was replaced[…]


Biography of Tahir

The founder and chairman of the Mayapada Group, Tahir’s entrepreneurial roots began during his university days, where he started a small retail business selling goods bought in Singapore to Surabaya. The Beginning of Mayapada Group Tahir started the Mayapada Group with a garment and textile manufacturing business in 1986, and four years later, he founded[…]

James Riady – Lippo Group Executive and Educational Philanthropist

Like his fellow Indonesian executive and philanthropist Sukanto Tanoto, James Riady of the Lippo Group sees the importance of education to Indonesia’s development. Mr. Riady created the Pelita Harapan Educational Foundation in order to expand opportunities for learning and achievement for every young person in the country. Pelita Harapan has established 20 schools to serve[…]

Eka Tjipta Foundation Promotes Education and Community Good

Like his fellow Indonesian entrepreneur Sukanto Tanoto, multi-billionaire and Sinar Mas Group founder Eka Tjipta Widjaja appears on Forbes magazine’s list of the country’s wealthiest individuals. Also like Mr. Tanoto, Mr. Widjaja is a self-made success story who heads a highly successful palm oil production company and other natural resources-focused corporations. The two men also[…]

Chairul Tanjung – Strong Involvement in Business and Philanthropy

In 2011, Forbes magazine’s Asia edition profiled four dozen “heroes of philanthropy” from throughout the region. Among them was Chairul Tanjung of Indonesia, who heads CT Corp (formerly Para Group), a multi-faceted, consumer-focused holding company with interests in the banking, media, and natural resources manufacturing sectors. His partnership with United States-based Turner Broadcasting resulted in[…]

APRIL Contributes to the Development of Social Infrastructures

All of the companies under RGE Group owned by Sukanto Tanoto have a similar commitment when it comes to their contribution to the society, particularly in the areas where they operate. In APRIL, for example, the company’s social stewardship programs focus on environmental issues and social infrastructures. In the latter cases, the company regularly allocates[…]