New Hope for the Children of Jakarta – Improvements for Local Educational Facilities

In Jakarta, children have been suffering from neglection for a long time, and parents often have very little choice when it comes to ensuring that their kids are able to benefit from improved education and care.

In most cases, they are forced by circumstances and work schedules to leave their children with a caregiver who doesn’t know as much about teaching children as about providing them with their basic needs.

Fortunately, new hope is now present in Jakarta, as a small building known as the Al Huda Early Childhood Education Center is able to welcome a greater number of kids than ever before and provide them with improved, fun and engaging educational resources.

The Building of the Al Huda Center

The youngest children of Jakarta didn’t always have a place to go to where they could learn how to read or write properly. Al Huda was built and opened as a result of a prolonged effort from the community to save money for supporting the construction costs; however, the process has proven to be quite problematic, and further issues appeared down the line that were not easily solved.

Although the building was in place, and the school’s staff, as well as the children, have had nothing but words of thanks for those who contributed to the financing efforts, there still wasn’t enough money to support proper maintenance.

Over time, the roof started leaking, and the children once again found themselves unable to learn in a decent environment. Fortunately, as the principal of Al Huda confirmed, support was provided from another source, one that has been known to take great interest in improving the educational efforts of the Indonesian communities: the Tanoto Foundation, founded by successful entrepreneur and well-known philanthropist, Sukanto Tanoto.

Renewed Assistance Brought by the Tanoto Foundation

Although the task wasn’t easy, the Tanoto Foundation took great interest, and its representatives were extremely motivated in ensuring that the Al Huda Center was brought back on track to be able to comply with the standards required for a truly beneficial and even innovative center for early childhood education development.

The Foundation has taken over support activities to pay for renovation and the purchase of new classroom furniture. Also, they have brought new books and educational equipment and have even offered training assistance to the teachers responsible for the children’s education.

Now the Al Huda Early Childhood Education Center is filled with colorful paintings and has all the books, resources and teaching equipment that Jakarta’s youngest children may need.