Sukanto Tanoto and the Remarkable Success of the RGE (Royal Global Eagle) Group

The RGE is a powerful group of companies recognized worldwide as one of the most important business groups associated with various resource-based manufacturing industries.

RGE’s leader, world renowned visionary, philanthropist and corporate entrepreneur, Sukanot Tanoto has run the group through decisions that led to its exponential expansion and the production of goods and resources that have improved the lives of millions of people worldwide.

Targeted Business Goals

With billions of dollars’ worth of assets, the RGE is organized into four main groups, each targeting its own specific section on the global market. These include:

Sateri Holdings Limited – a corporation focusing on dissolving wood pulp and staple fiber;

Asia Pacific Resources International Ltd. – targeting the fiber, pulp and paper industries;

Asian Agri – a company dealing with the agro industry;

Pacific Oil & Gas – with prolonged focus on the energy and resource development industry.

While each of these groups operates independently, they all share a common goal in maximizing energy resource and production efficiency, while being guided by the RGE philosophy implemented by leader Sukanto Tanoto.

A Fresh New Philosophy

Mr. Tanoto has managed to climb to the highest levels of corporate success from the lowest level of poverty – an experience that has given him the vision and drive to adopt a revolutionary philosophy, allowing him to guide his efforts towards success and the betterment of local and global communities as well.

One of his major achievement was the development of the Tanoto Foundation – an institution that clearly reflects Mr. Tanoto’s vision for achieving a better future by providing aid, assistance and education to communities in need.

In February 2015, the Tanoto Foundation signed a deal with UNICEF to support the implementation of the One Roof School program in various parts of Indonesia, in an effort of improving education and paving the path towards a better future for Indonesia’s children.

Actions such as these reflect the philosophy adopted by Sukanto Tanoto and the RGE Group, showing how the corporate world can help bring new possibilities for the future by providing targeted support to those who truly needed.