A Step Forward for the Children of Jakarta with Help from the Tanoto Foundation

Although Jakarta is one of the areas of Indonesia that have been improving their development, the city still has a deficit in the development of residential areas, particularly when it comes to open spaces where children can play and learn.

The Tanoto Foundation has worked together with the local Government to solve this crucial issue by encouraging the construction of new open areas where children can interact in integrated, child-friendly public places.

A Child-Friendly City of the Future

These new efforts are in line with the Tanoto Foundation’s constant push towards new sustainable changes that could impact the country’s education in a positive way. The child-friendly public spaces will not only include playgrounds, but early childhood development centers as well. The initiative is also geared toward supporting existing development centers in Jakarta and the surrounding regions.

The Tanoto Foundation has already made an elaborate plan for supporting the building of new schools and the provision of various teaching aids and training solutions for teachers to have a better grasp with a growing educational infrastructure.

Also, various learning tools and increased support for teacher certification efforts are on the agenda, and the Foundation hopes the creation of the new learning and development centers will have a strong impact on the empowerment of families and communities within Jakarta.

Organizations Supporting the Initiative

The Provincial Government has been actively involved in this initiative from the start and has asked for assistance from organizations in the private sector as well.

The Tanoto Foundation, alongside the Jakarta Family Empowerment and Welfare Team, are just two of the main institutions that are fully supporting the changes that will need to be implemented in order for the project to be launched. All parties have confirmed their commitment by attending the Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremony which took place on May the 8th in Cempaka Putih, at the Family Planning and Women Empowerment Body Office.

Through the role it plays in this remarkable initiative, the Tanoto Foundation hopes to help alleviate poverty in the region, while providing local children, students, teachers and families with improved opportunities for reaching better results in education and helping to pave a better path for the future of Jakarta.

In line with the goals and vision of founder Sukanto Tanoto, the efforts made by the Tanoto Foundation also act as an example for other local philanthropic organizations to witness just how much the sustainable efforts of a single institution can help shape the future of an entire region.