Biography of Ir. Ciputra

Ir. Ciputra

Ir. Ciputra

Who is Ir. Ciputra? Perhaps many of you still do not have any idea about him. He was born on August 24, 1931. Originally, his name was Tjie Tjin Hoan. He came from Sulawesi and the third son from Lie Eng Nio and Tjie Sim Poe. Basically, he came from regular family. The finance was not quite good too. In the age of 12, he lost his father who was put into jail because of fake issue related to spy activity. The bad experience suffered by Ciputra motivated him to study in Java. The purpose is the pursuit better future and living. He had a dream of becoming a rich person.

Struggle for Better Life

At the age of 16 years, he finished his study from elementary school. He later continued to study at a secondary school in Gorontalo. For high school, he went to Menado. He also studied in Bandung Institute of Technology, where he took architecture major. Although it was late when it comes to his age when taking the study, he did not consider it impossible to achieve. The education gained by him was the combination of formal and non-formal one. He had the idea about how to acquire functional education, namely by developing the morale and creativity of people.

Property Businesses of Ir. Ciputra

He has made big works, including the property business. He controls 5 groups of business including the Metropolitan, Usaha Jaya, Pondok Indah, Ciputra Development, and Serpong Damai. Each of the business group is concentrated in the sector of property. His property business has inspired others and made him a trendsetter. His projects also become a magnetic force for the development of the surrounding area. He also got classy projects for the commercial purpose.

The next interesting aspect about Ir. Ciputra is the journey of his business. The journey indeed is not as smooth as you think. It began when he was still a university student. He initiated the business in ITB along with Ismail Sofyan and Budi Brasali. In 1957, he launched PT Daya Cipta. They got a good reputation in doing some projects. However, before winning the project, he got the problem especially related to the proposal.

The proposal was submitted to the Governor of Jakarta. The involvement of Soekarno, the president of Republic of Indonesia at that time, in the projects was also significant. Up to now, Ir. Ciputra has inspired many new businessmen to develop their business. Have you also got inspiration from him?