Biography of Sukanto Tanoto

Sukanto Tanoto

Sukanto Tanoto

Sukanto Tanoto is the owner of many companies under the name of Royal Golden Eagle International Group, with the most prominent being Asian Agri, Pacific Oil & Gas, and Riau Andalan Pulp & Paper. His business kingdom grew from his small contractor and supplier business he ran after his formal education was abruptly cut off when he was 17 years old. Now, he is one of the most successful Indonesians who managed to snag a position among Forbes list of richest Indonesians.

Sukanto Tanoto’s Range of Business

Sukanto Tanoto has wide range of experiences, business skills and knowledge in various business aspects. During his lifetime, he has managed businesses such as contractor, car accessories, pulp and paper, energy, palm oil, fertilizer, finance and bank. Besides continuing his education at various business classes at international universities, including Harvard and Wharton School of Business, he also likes to explore new possibilities in expanding his business. He has owned several companies in Indonesia, Singapore, China, South America and Europe.

His main international business, Royal Golden Eagle International Group, is now being run from Singapore. Meanwhile, in Indonesia, his Asian Agri and Riau Andalan companies continue to operate and even educate local partners such as independent plasma farmers. Currently, he is preparing his son Anderson Tanoto to be the next generation of his vast business kingdom.

Continuous Learning: Key of Success

Continuously referred himself as an eternal student, Sukanto Tanoto never stops learning as a part of his activities in managing international business. He often reads about many European business owners who managed to survive during the international chaos of World War I and II, how American business owners went past financial crisis in the beginning of 20th century, and how South American business owners survived the Latin America financial crisis.

He is also famous for always taking some time to visit short classes in various universities such as in Harvard, Tokyo, Insead and MIT, to improve his knowledge about business and finance. He also follows closely various business trends in the world, and always finds way to expand his business and improve profits based on the most current world trend. Finally, he even refreshed his business knowledge by learning about online business at Wharton School of Business in year 2001, the time when online business started to boom.

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