The Smart Approach of Ir. Ciputra in Business

The life of Ir. Ciputra is always related to his success as an entrepreneur. Ciputra Group has been known as one of the strong business groups in Indonesia. The vast development of this group is the result of his hard work and intelligence in managing the companies he leads, and his never-ending passion to grow Read more about The Smart Approach of Ir. Ciputra in Business[…]

Ir. Ciputra

Among famous architects and property magnates in Indonesia, Ir. Ciputra is a big name with several property groups, philanthropy projects in education and also one of Forbes’ richest Indonesians. With wealth that worth around $1.3 billion, he is a perfect example of how difficult childhood and past life are not impediments for the resilient. His Read more about Ir. Ciputra[…]