Biography of Murdaya Poo

Murdaya Poo

Murdaya Poo

Murdaya Poo (Poo Tjie Guan) is a man with numerous talents; not only he is a successful owner of international group, but he is also a great investor and politician. Besides developing his contractor company into successful Central Cipta Murdaya Group, he also managed to develop political career as legislative member in 2004-2009 period from PDIP, after being treasury and branch leader in the same political party. He is a portrait of how small businessman can own international business and collect massive amount of wealth with resilience and hard work.

From Contractor Company to International Group

After humble beginning as newspaper seller during his young years, Murdaya Poo started his business in contractor and utility supply business in year 1972. It might sound nothing special until we realized that his business field was the only one in Indonesia at that time. This plan made his business grew so fast, which made him able to expand and finally established bigger business Central Cipta Murdaya Group in year 1992. From contractor and utility supply business, he managed to expand his business to other fields such as IT, manufacturing, steel, real estate and agribusiness.

This group encompasses really wide range of business categories, and he even partners with famous manufacturing companies such as Nike, Hitachi, HP and IBM, which also have large customer base in Indonesia (the manufacturing process is in Indonesia). He is also the one responsible for the currently trending WiMAX broadband service, as well as WIGo WiMAX. He also bought Jakarta International Expo building as one of his investment in property, and he gets a lot of profits from this passive income.

Success Secrets of Murdaya Poo

Judging from his several business decisions, Murdaya Poo definitely has really great business instinct. However, his cooperation with his wife Hartati Murdaya became another of his business secret. Since his wife has great business instinct and skill as well, he did not hesitate to work with her starting from the small contractor company in year 1972. He also did not hesitate to let his wife sitting on important positions because he recognized her talent, and she proved by recruiting managers from South Korea for their manufacturing plants right after the closing of many factories in that country in the late 80’s.

Murdaya Poo was also listed as one of legislative members at House of Representatives from 2004 to 2009 period, and he also has extensive experiences at PDIP, political party that made him able to get position as legislative member.