Biography of Ciliandra Fangiono

Ciliandra Fangiono

Ciliandra Fangiono

Looking at Forbes list of richest Indonesians, usually we will see names of business people that are already around 60 years old and above. However, Ciliandra Fangiono is one name that does not follow that rule, being the only person that just reaches his late 30s. Granted, he started his business by continuing family business, but under his leadership, his company saw improvement in its assets and profits, and he is dubbed the youngest billionaire in Indonesia. Not only he was able to raise the company stock and asset values, but he could also make his own company.

Improving Family Business

Ciliandra Fangiono is currently handling his family’s company, the First Resources Limited, which runs the oleo chemical business. While the company has always been successful, Ciliandra is the second generation that is able to not only manage the company, but also improve it. For example, during his leadership, First Resources Limited saw the rise of its stock up to 30%, and the company asset of oil palm field increased drastically in size. Those are of course amazing achievements, considering that Cillian joined the company as the second generation at really young age.

Ciliandra managed to increase the size of company’s oil palm plantation areas from 146,000 hectares to 247,000 hectares. Also, he built one more company under First Resources Limited, called PT Ciliandra Perkasa. This company deals with the palm oil refinery and production, so the oleo chemical factory of First Resources can get better access to palm oil. Therefore, both the companies support each other. Ciliandra also acts as the director of PT Ciliandra Perkasa.

The company’s biggest achievement was the acquisition of 100,000 hectare of land for oil palm plantation in East Kalimantan, which is also famous as prominent center of palm oil industry.

Endless Learning as Success Key

The key to Ciliandra Fangiono’s success in leading, improving and making a company is learning endlessly. As a son of business owner, he was lucky to be able to earn his major economy degree at Cambridge University. Later, he spent several years working as staff at investment banking division at Meryl Lynch in Singapore. Here, he worked while increasing his knowledge and skill in merger, acquisition, and general business knowledge.

With all his knowledge, experiences and learning, no wonder he managed to be the youngest billionaire. He might inherit his family business, but his skill and business instinct are also the ones that make him able to reach success.