August 26, 2014


The top 20 of richest Indonesians are not only just known in Indonesia for being wealthy; they also contribute to Indonesia’s economy through various businesses and companies. Let us understand how they managed to overcome adversities to become successful and be inspired by their stories.

  1. Michael Hartono and R. Budi
  2. Susilo Wonowidjojo and Family
  3. Anthony Salim and Family
  4. Eka Tjipta Widjaja & Family
  5. Sri Prakash Lohia
  6. Chairul Tanjung
  7. Boenjamin Setiawan and Family
  8. Mochtar Riady and Family
  9. Peter Sondakh
  10. Sukanto Tanoto
  11. Tahir
  12. Bachtiar Karim
  13. Putera Sampoerna & family
  14. Theodore Rachmat
  15. Murdaya Poo
  16. Kusnan & Rusdi Kirana
  17. Eka Tjandranegara
  18. Martua Sitorus
  19. Eddy Katuari
  20. Kuncoro Wibowo & family

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