Sukanto Tanoto, World Class Businessman with Social Movement

Being Famous as a successful entrepreneur, Sukanto Tanoto is the founder and chairman of the Royal Golden Eagle or RGE, which was first established in 1973. RGE Group was previously named as RGM through starting the plywood industry that has made Indonesia upgrade its raw material exports into more value-added products.

Starting the first step in Medan, Indonesia, RGE has developed into large resourced-based companies united in one global group. With Tanoto’s philosophy leadership, the group has now had 50,000 employees with more than USD15 billions of assets and the manufactures in Indonesia, Brazil, and China, and international sales coverage.

Sukanto Tanoto and his Social Movements

The expansion cannot be separated from the role of the founder who has the philosophy that the success of a company depends on its responsibility to the citizen. His guiding philosophy is driven from the Triple Bottom Line approach to People, Planet, and Profit. Therefore, the company should be good for the community, for the country, and for the company.

This can be achieved through the efficient productions, energy savings, and environment friendly processes that produce high quality. RGE operates based on the sustainable growth, which unites the advanced technology with the social and environmental protections. This is one of his steps to keep the harmonious relationships with the nature for longer economic benefit.

As the leader of RGE, Sukanto Tanoto plays a very important role in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. He understands that it is very crucial to give direct supports for the social and economic life of the people around the areas where his companies are operating. Thus, he builds long-lasting partnership with the nearby villagers in giving farming and vocational skills, and economic guidance.

What Tanoto Foundation Does for the Community

The surrounding communities are slowly encouraged to begin their own businesses to increase their life quality. Furthermore, Sukanto has a foundation named Tanoto Foundation, which provides various types of supports for many kinds of social issues. This role is supported by his wife, Tinah Bingei Tanoto, who is quite active in supporting for individuals who face problems in the areas they are serving. The programs of Tanoto Foundation are mainly to reduce poverty by giving sufficient education and empowerment to the citizens.

Sukanto Tanoto is not only a brilliant businessman, he also has a very high sense of social value. His actions and decisions in running his business are carefully drawn not to cause larger negative impacts to the environment and society, including the live of the local people. Many efforts have been done to increase the efficiency of the company operation in order to preserve the environment and raise the human wellbeing.