The Smart Approach of Ir. Ciputra in Business

The life of Ir. Ciputra is always related to his success as an entrepreneur. Ciputra Group has been known as one of the strong business groups in Indonesia. The vast development of this group is the result of his hard work and intelligence in managing the companies he leads, and his never-ending passion to grow wider and higher. It is shown in one of his past decisions that had given very big impact on the existence of his business now.

In 1971, when he was 40 years old, he made a historic decision by inviting two friends; Mr. Ismail Sofyan and Mr. Budi Brasali, and some other colleagues to establish PT Metropolitan Development. In this new business group, he became the Chairman and acted as an inspiration, a motivator and innovators.

Ir. Ciputra and his Approach to Business

The company has grown rapidly in property, construction, consulting, trading and manufacturing. The projects of Metropolitan Development Group included Metropolitan Mall, Wisma Metropolitan and WTC, Pondok Indah Residence, Horison Hotel, and many others. There was an interesting story about how he managed to convince large investors for a joint venture with PT Metropolitan Development. Ir. Ciputra had the feeling that Pondok Indah would a become highly developed area in Jakarta. However, in order to free up hundreds of acres of land in this region, he and his friends did not have sufficient fund.

With the strong ideas and imaginations of what the areas would look like with the residence project, shopping centers, offices, sports fields. Hotels, educational facilities, and recreational places if the projects were done, hethenapproachedapowerfulbusinessgroup, theSalimGroup. Fortunately, Salim Group welcomed this idea and allowed them to become shareholders without the capital being paid in advance.

Ir. Ciputra Enjoys the Benefits of Smart and Brave Decisions in Business

Salim Group lent them money, which was to be paid when they gained profits from selling houses and lots in Pondok Indah. This is how PT Metropolitan Kencana started and developed the famous Pondok Indah and Puri Indah.

The brave approach of Ir. Ciputra in running Pondok Indah project raised his name. This success was then followed by another brilliant idea for the area in Sudirman, Jakarta owned by Metropolitan. This project had convinced not only Salim Group, but also some investors from abroad.

The project once again received a loan and made them become parts of the shareowners of the well-known office buildings WTC, Metropolitan I, and Metropolitan II. The smart and brave approach of the Ciputra Group founder to the business is quite inspiring and has placed his as one of the successful businessmen in Indonesia.