Sri Prakash Lohia, the Kind-Hearted Billionaire

Being the fourth richest person in Indonesia with USD 3 billion wealth does not make Sri Prakash Lohia forget his responsibilities toward the community. The billionaire is not only famous of his brilliance in leading his businesses, he is also known as one of the kind-hearted businessmen that dedicate themselves to improve the lives of the others in Indonesia. He has done many kinds of efforts together with his companies and foundation in various fields, including education, health, social development, and environmental fields. Through the success of the companies he leads, he keeps his consistencies to give positive contributions to the society.

Sri Prakash Lohia is mainly famous as the founder and chair of a large petrochemical company and textile company, Indorama Corporation. Born on 11 August 1952 and raised until graduating the university degree in India, Lohia moved to Indonesia in 1973. In 1976, he and his father then started the Indorama Synthetic Company that produced spun yarns, which was later expanded into a large manufacturer that produces polyester fibers and polyester bottle grade (PET) resins. The company continued to enlarge abroad to Africa and this made him as the 395th richest person in the world based on Forbes list.

Sri Prakash Lohia and Service to the Community

There are many kinds of programs and activities, which are done regularly by Sri Prakash Lohia and his foundation to give supports for the society to develop, especially the surrounding society where they operate their businesses. One of them is in health sector. The supports are given through financial funds to build the medical center buildings or local hospital so that they can serve people as best as possible. Furthermore, Lohia and his company Indorama provides the facilities for poor families to get monthly medical check up. This program is coordinated through the district office to ease the coordination.

Besides that, the programs of Lohia’s corporate social responsibility also touch the community directly. The clean water support and the house construction supports are some of the examples that are given directly to the community. These kinds of helps are very useful for people to reduce their pressures in facing the challenging lives. Sri Prakash Lohia also has a deep concern on environmental sustainability. These are done through the improved operating processes, including the raw material processing, the emulsion processing, and recycling.

The fourth richest person in Indonesia, Sri Prakash Lohia holds his responsibility to give positive contributions to the community as well as the country. This is one part of his vision in life. Many people have benefitted from the man whom they consider one of the few businessmen that are consistent in providing supports for the society.