TP Rahmat dan and His Social Commitment Through KM Group

Kirana Megatara Group terima penghargaan Zero Accident

Even though he is not as popular as the other Indonesia’s tycoon, such as Michael Hartono or Sukantor Tanoto, Theodore Permadi Rahmat is undeniably one of Indonesia richest men, with a total asset of US$1.9 billions. The tycoon, who is also known as TP Rahmat, is the owner of Triputra Group, which rules a number of companies that focus in various sectors, such as agribusiness with palm oil and rubber as the main commodities, manufacturing business with apparel and automotive products, coral mining, and trading businesses.

TP Rahmat and Kirana Megatra Group

Kirana Megatara Group is one of the business groups owned by the Indonesia richest man, who is also popularly known as Teddy Rahmat. The business group is one of the world’s largest producers of crumb rubber, established in 1991 and leading 15 companies located in Sumatra and Borneo Islands. The business group is able to produce a total 720.000 tons of crumb rubber every year. This scale makes it one of the largest exporters in Indonesia.

In addition to having its own plantations in East and Central Borneo, KM Group, which is under the control of PT. Triputra Investindo Arya owned by TP Rahmat, also helps the surrounding farmers and traders by receiving the rubber raw material, which is called Bokar. Furthermore, it has high commitment toward environmental sustainability and contributions to the surrounding communities. This commitment is manifested in its corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs.

Kirana Peduli and the Commitment of TP Rahmat

For the Indonesia richest man, among keys to success in business are customer satisfaction, environmental sustainability, and quality management. It is not surprising that KM Group has received ISO 9001:2008 certificate and SNI certificate, which apply for all of its factories. The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs of Kirana Megatara Group are managed under the name Kirana Peduli. The programs are designed in sustainable scheme based upon the need and socio-economic status of the communities, where its factories operate.

Some focuses of Kirana Peduli includes the following:

  • In educational sector, the social stewardship programs focus on delivery of scholarships for elementary, junior high school, and senior high school students and donation for school renovation in the surrounding areas
  • In health sector, the CSR programs focus on donation of medication and free medical checkups
  • In economic sector, the main programs include community empowerment and construction of basic infrastructures, such as road and bridges
  • In social-spiritual sector, the CSR programs are used for religious building renovation, donation of Qurban animal, and support for sport and youth programs.

In addition, TP Rahmat keeps emphasizing the need for sustainable environment and integrating it as one of the main CSR programs in every company under Triputra Group. The projects include green movement, village cleaning, and waste management.