Theodore Rachmat Recognized by Forbes for Philanthropy Projects

Many good business people, especially with successful companies, have really vast contribution in philanthropy projects as a way of giving back to society. This year, Forbes lists Theodore Rachmat as one of Indonesian company owners that have been really active in philanthropy projects. Through a family run foundation called A & A Rachmat Compassionate Service Foundation, the Triputra Group owner who is often called Teddy contributes to various social and educational programs.

Health Programs from Teddy Rachmat Foundation

Health problem is very prominent in Indonesia; many people can only afford cheap clinics whenever they get sick.Theodore ‘Teddy’ Rachmat foundation has provided funds for many clinics in various areas in Indonesia, which are used to but medical supplies and medicine. So far, there are 32 clinics in various areas in Indonesia that are funded by Teddy’s money, and these clinics have been successfully provided health services with more affordable costs to low income patients.

These clinics provide super cheap healthcare services; for example, a patient can come and receive health services with only IDR 5,000 (around 50 cents) to IDR 20,000 (around $2) per visit to get consultation, diagnosis and medicine. This is definitely a great help for many people from low income families, especially those with small children.

Educational Programs from Teddy Rachmat Foundation

The foundation is now providing scholarships and funding for around 17 major universities in Indonesia, aimed especially for students from low income families. Until now, there have been almost 100,000 students in various areas in Indonesia receiving scholarships, and the amount will increase significantly as more people realize how far good education can bring them.

This program is actually an echo of the first educational program the foundation did. Back in year 1999, Theodore Rachmat and his family joined forces to start an educational foundation called Yayasan Indonesia Belajar Mandiri. At that time, the programs were just limited to scholarship funding especially to Sanata Dharma and Bogor Agriculture Institute students, but later they expanded to wider aspects. The foundation is now funding various universities and finding the new career opportunity.

Theodore Rachmat graduated from top school and arrived to his business position, and he concluded that the best success was gained by education. This is in accordance with one of the foundation’s principle: to give all students more opportunities in getting education. Also, he focuses on personal development and projects such as school rebuilding after tsunami disaster.