Ciliandra Fangiono is Also in Aircraft Business

Most people who are in Forbes list of richest Indonesians are over 50 or 60, and most of them work at oleo chemical and palm oil industries. While there is some truth there, not all rich Indonesians in Forbes list are in palm oil business. In fact, you probably do not know that the youngest of all, Ciliandra Fangiono, started to go big in aircraft business. Although famous for his First Resources Limited oleo chemical industry, Ciliandra has also established an aircraft company called Matthew Air Nusantara.

Aircraft Business to Expand Business Category

Aircraft business is a booming business, at least for private and limited service. Since the life of many Indonesians is slowly becoming busy and quick flying is necessary especially to reach areas like remote areas or very small town that does not have airport. The demand for domestic and private flights is also getting higher. Also, people look at cargo air freight with more scrutiny, if we may say so. Judging from this phenomenon, Ciliandra Fangiono decided to expand his business even more by starting aircraft business.

Matthew Air Nusantara is actually not really popular among Indonesians, especially for those who have only heard aircraft companies in Indonesia as Garuda, Lion or Air Asia. Matthew Air Nusantara does not indeed serve far route even in Indonesia; it usually serves private flight using small aircrafts, or cargo air freight for business person. However, it is very helpful for those who need decent plane to bring them to certain areas.

Large Investment for Aircraft Business

Although aircraft is not his main business, Ciliandra decided that there is nothing too big to acquire. The aircraft was bought in year 2010, and Ciliandra must pay around IDR 10 billion. However, with that transaction, he also bought 98% of the aircraft company stock, and the stock is currently under his own company, PT Ciliandra Perkasa. His principle is never letting good opportunities wasted, and trying first before you lose your bravery. Also, he learnt to see opportunities even the smallest ones.

Since Matthew Air Nusantara must be very busy for various cargo air freight sending services, it is good news for Ciliandra and family. They can use the company’s plane to ship their freights and packages. The aircraft company also uses small plane for private and small plane flight especially to limited actions. S Ciliandra Fangiono was commended for this brave step and his investment decisions have made his company even richer.