Kartini Muljadi Keeps Shining in Commercial Law World

Kartini Muljadi definitely is an active woman; despite already sold her shares in Tempo Scan last year and became one of richest Indonesian women, she does not stop working and contributing her knowledge and skill to business world. Her Kartini Muljadi & Partners law firm now gives legal assistance to multinational companies, with expertise in many branches of commercial law and legal aspects. With her knowledge, background and skill, she is still a very brilliant lawyer and deserves her spot in Indonesia’s world of business law.

So far, her law firm has dealt with numerous companies, including big international names such as HSBC, Goodyear, Bristol-Meyer Squibb, BASF and many more. This proves that Kartini is not just a name, but she also lives up her reputation in business world.

Expertise of Kartini Muljadi

Kartini Muljadi & Partners office now has five partners; Kartini herself as senior partner, Irianto Shalim as senior partner also, Gunawan Muljadi as managing partner, Wawan Sunaryawan as senior associate, and Australian partner Nick Watson as technical advisor and expert for foreign law and legal affairs. The law firm deals with wide range of expertise fields. In general, Kartini and her partners deal with merger and acquisition, dispute resolution, contract reviewing, public offers, local and foreign investments, affairs related to employment law, intellectual properties, commercial transactions and many more.

She and her partners have been experienced in various business fields; currently, she deals with business fields such as forestry, energy, tourism and hotel, banking, finance, commercial, IT and many more. These fields of expertise are results of years of experiences she acquired since her day as a commercial notary. She and her partners even deal not only with domestic companies, but also foreign companies.

Experiences in Foreign Commercial Lawa

Kartini Muljadi realizes that Indonesia’s investment climate becomes more and more interesting for foreign investors. Therefore, she decided to assist foreign companies who want to do transaction with domestic partners or open new branches in Indonesia. Foreign companies have different demands and needs when they want to open business in Indonesia, and Kartini with her partners are quick to adapt with the needs of foreign investors. This is why her law firm acquired a lot of foreign companies as clients, and she definitely still lives up her name as one of the best commercial lawyers during and after monetary crisis.

With her skill and expertise, no wonder that Kartini Muljadi’s law firm continues to be number one recommendation for commercial legal assistance in Indonesia.