Commitment of Sukanto Tanoto and PT RAPP in Corporate Social Responsibility


PT Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper is one of the companies under the RGE Group owned by Sukanto Tanoto, Indonesia Forbes millionaire with major businesses in pulp, paper and palm oil. PT RAPP has played a major role in the Indonesian economy and business with its massive annual production of paper and other pulp products. Therefore, PT RAPP also designed its corporate social responsibility programs carefully to improve local community’s well-being and life quality.

PT RAPP focuses on the principle of self-reliance; community members are educated to be able to sustain themselves through small business and integrated agricultural projects, in addition of improvement of life quality through health and education programs. This certainly can encourage local people to be independent and self-sufficient in the future.

Main Focus on PT RAPP’s CSR Program

PT RAPP is committed focus on several important aspects of corporate social responsibility program, in order to improve life quality of Riau local community. Among these main programs are:

  • Support for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). PT RAPP believes that SMEs are the main backbone of an independent community. PT RAPP equipped local community members with capital and training to open a business, whether it is related to the company activities or not (for example: salon services, manufacturing woven fabric and batik, and so on).
  • Integrated farming program. PT RAPP provides capital and training for local farmers to increase revenue by doing integrated farming activities, combined traditional farming with livestock farming. PT RAPP also provides supporting facilities such as fertilizer, farm animals such as cattle, and farming tools. Currently, there are about 3,500 Riau farmers that are under the guidance of the company.
  • Social activity programs. Every year, PT RAPP provides annual health care services with doctors and mobile clinics that can serve 15,000 patients every year, mainly in various remote areas in Riau where access to hospitals and doctors are limited. In addition, PT RAPP also provides assistance for the construction of infrastructure such as bridges, roads, and schools. PT RAPP also often organizes activities such as sports and the arts for youth in order to channel creativity and sense of achievement.
  • New land cultivation. PT RAPP help people work on lands that are abandoned for a long time forest land abandoned, which are owned by the community, in order to increase agricultural potential. Currently, more than 25,000 hectares of lands are cultivated with the help of this company, where incomes from the new agricultural land can support up to 10,000 families.

PT RAPP’s corporate social responsibility activities are a testament to Sukanto Tanoto’s commitment as the owner of the RGE Group, in order to improve life quality and income of surrounding local communities, along with the development of its business.

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