Sukanto Tanoto’s Sukacita Project with NUS Representatives

Sukanto Tanoto is not just famous as a business person, but also active philanthropist. Currently, his latest philanthropy project is still in ongoing in Riau province, which started just last year. Dubbed Proyek Sukacita (Sukacita Project), this is the latest big project done by Sukanto Tanoto through Tanoto Foundation together with Sukanto Tanoto scholarship recipients from National University of Singapore. Through this project, the businessman aims to improve the quality of life among locals in Riau as a part of Asian Agri CSR program, and also educate students from NUS about the values of philanthropy and giving back to community.

Three Main Programs of Sukacita Project

Asian Agri’s Sukacita Project programs focus on three things: clean environment, public health, and early education for local children. Tanoto Foundation works together with representatives from NUS; students who received Sukanto Tanoto scholarships. They came from different schools: Singapore Management University, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, and Nanyang Technology University. The students were brought so they can get real life experiences in interacting with people and contributing for society.

The team projects consist of activities that have been focused on the three main programs. The team conducted free public health screening, educational activities and equipment for children, supplying medicine and health equipment for locals, giving training for local youths so they can get vocational skills, and many more. This project is focused on people who live in Kerinci area, especially those who come from low income families and live in remote areas.

Precious Experiences in Community

Asian Agri has been known for its numerous CSR programs in Riau and surrounding areas, but students from NUS have also experienced something precious. According to Faith Leong, one of the recipients of Sukanto Tanoto scholarship from Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, she got experiences of interacting with people, paying attention to what they need, and also getting new skills in managing huge scale projects with limited facilities. The whole project has contributed not only for local people in Riau, also for students who received his scholarship.

Sukanto Tanoto has always been concerned about social and educational problems of locals who live around his company facilities. His Tanoto Foundation will never stop giving back to community and also giving opportunities for students to experience real life challenges and interaction with communities who really need their assistance, as addition of lessons they get in class thanks to his scholarship fund.

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