APRIL Contributes to the Development of Social Infrastructures

One of schools built by RGE in Riau

All of the companies under RGE Group owned by Sukanto Tanoto have a similar commitment when it comes to their contribution to the society, particularly in the areas where they operate. In APRIL, for example, the company’s social stewardship programs focus on environmental issues and social infrastructures. In the latter cases, the company regularly allocates some of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) funds for basic infrastructures, particularly public schools, electric power generators, sport grounds, and places of worship. In addition to physical projects, the program also focuses on non-physical subjects, such as family planning.

Social Infrastructure Development Contributed by APRIL

Sukanto Tanoto is known for his special attention to education. This is evident from the social stewardship programs designed by APRIL as a part of its community development programs. Since 2008 APRIL gas built and renovated about 20 school buildings and provided equipment and furniture for 28 schools. The non-physical programs in educational sector include scholarships for primary and secondary school students. About 2.695 students have benefited for the program.

APRIL also gives special attention to teachers who work in rural areas. About 200 teachers have been provided with honorarium since 2008, in addition to training programs, which have been conducted for approximately 150 teachers. In high education level, the company provided scholarships for approximately 102 college students and 23 students of pulp and paper technical institute.

Healthcare Programs in APRIL’s Social Stewardship Programs

In health sector, APRIL has conducted various activities aimed at improving the health status of the local villagers. The strategy is to provide them with easier access to healthcare facilities and services. The programs include mobilizing teams of healthcare professional, such as doctor and midwives, as well as volunteers to provide the community members with free medical services. They include medical checkups, immunization, basic medicine, nutritional supplements for malnourished children and pregnant women, and free referral services.

For the elderly, the social stewardship programs of APRIL include free surgery for elderly people with cataract and harelips. In the period of 3 years (2008 to 2010), approximately 36.778 community members in 116 villages around the company have benefited from improved healthcare services and facilities. Sukanto Tanoto, represented by Tanoto Foundation, designs these programs to help the central and local government in improving health degree of the community in rural areas. These social stewardship programs are well combined with socio-economic activities aimed at improving the community’s standard of living by providing them with alternative sources of income.

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