Susilo Wonowidjojo Aims to Improve Middle School Students’ English Skill

As the owner of one of the biggest cigarette companies in Indonesia, Gudang Garam, Susilo Wonowidjojo also runs several CSR programs mandatory for big companies like his. One of his specific programs in education is English Camp, which becomes an important program since English skill is definitely necessary for students in Indonesia to be able to expand various opportunities. The English Camp specifically aims for students of junior high school, and has conducted various events and competitions related to English.

Why Making English Camp Activities

English is a very important skill to have by students in Indonesia, since this skill will give them many good opportunities in the future, whether it is getting scholarship, working at international company, or starting business with big target. Unfortunately, many students feel that English lesson at school alone is not effective, especially since not all students get opportunities to actually practice English as a tool of communication. English Camp program aims to teach and improve English skill as communication, not just lesson that ends at national exam.

English Camp program often holds events for students to encourage them to learn how to use English as communication tool, as well as encourage them to be braver and confident in communicating. One of the newer activities is English Camp Class Battle, a competition that combines English language competition, musical stage and school bazaar.

Class Battle as Gudang Garam Annual Event

First held in 2012 in Kediri, Gudang Garam’s Class Battle is an event that combines English speaking contest between students with bazaar and art performance. In this event, students compete in English debate, speech competition, musical performance and storytelling contests, with interesting prizes. The event also has bazaar, musical and art performance by students and invited celebrity guests, and many more. The event is held as cooperation between Gudang Garam and Future English Education, and contestants are trained for several weeks by FEE for the competition.

This program was agreed to be annual event, so there will be opportunities for prospective and interested students to bring their English skill to the next level, and compete against other students. Besides increasing interest in learning English between school students, this Gudang Garam sponsored event will also make students more interested and motivated in learning English as communication tool and skill to get achievements.

English Camp is one of Gudang Garam’s main CSR programs, and with Susilo Wonowidjojo’s international level business, it definitely gets his attention as an important CSR program to be applied especially on youths.