Sri Prakash Lohia Restores British Era Building in India

Sri Prakash Lohia, one of Forbes’ Indonesian richest people, has Indonesian nationality. However, he still does not forget his homeland, India. He has been recently famous because of his completion of restoration project on Wharton House in 2013, a project that spent around 50 million of pounds. Although Wharton House is now the private property of Sri Prakash, he is still famous in India as a person who was willing to spend much money and dedication to return the historical building into its formal glory.

Neglected Historical Project became Private Property

Sheridan House, which is now the private property of Sri Prakash Lohia, was the residence of General John Burgoyne, who was more famous for its blunder in American War of Independence that made Britain lost some of its colonies in the US. Nevertheless, the house was built in 1770 with great splendor, but then turned into office before neglected until it became a complete rundown, until Sri Prakash came to renovate it, but it was more than just a ‘renovation’ project.

After buying the house, Sri Prakash Lohia then spent a lot of money to hire the best team of historians, architects, contractors and workers to make sure that the house acquired its original beauty and look. He even did not hesitate to buy expensive vintage furniture items and decorations from Christie’s so the house would look as original as possible. Since the house was designed by famous architect Robert Adam, extensive project planning must be done before the house was restored. The architects and contractors used old, historical photos of the house in its glory days as guides.

Opulent House that ‘Worth the Wait’

According to Sri Prakash Lohia in Sunday Guardian, his wait for the entire project until completion had been “worth the wait.” The Wharton House no longer resembled the rundown office it looked like before. Instead, it now has exquisite marble interior, 16-seat opulent dining room, drawing rooms, music room and expensive, original vintage furniture. However, the house also has modern facilities as well as entertainment and business facilities to support his activities.

For example, the house now has swimming pool, gym room, sauna room and spa room. There is even a cinema room in the basement as well as wide garage that houses luxury car collections. Even when the house is a private property, his effort of spending money and inviting historians and architects to actually restore the old building from British era in India must be admired.