Murdaya Poo Honored at Asia Pacific Golf Summit Gala 2014

Murdaya Poo may be famous as the owner of Central Ciputra Murdaya Group, but not many people know that he is also an avid golf lover. Besides often playing golf, Murdaya also has several golf courses in Indonesia, and some of them are definitely international level golf courses. His dedication to golf and golf tourism, which is almost as big as what he gives to his business, made his name being put to the list of people that will be honored at gala dinner of Asia Pacific Golf Summit Gala, which will be held on November 2014.

The show will be held at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, and his name will be in the same league with previously honored figures such as Dr. Ir. Ciputra, Ronald Fream, Gary Player and many more. Lovers of golf will definitely not miss this moment.

Murdaya Poo, New Head of Indonesian Golf Committee

The honoring of Murdaya Poo as the prominent figure in golf and golf tourism is not something new. On July 21st 2014, he was chosen as the new head of Pengurus Besar Persatuan Golf Indonesia (PB PGI), the biggest golf committee in Indonesia. He even won with 191 votes over 62 and 12 votes of his two opponents. He was chosen because he is very committed about golf, especially gold tourism and golf as sport event, not just personal hobby.

Murdaya Poo also has really interesting programs for golfers in the country. For example, he promised to often invite foreign trainers to Indonesia, especially to train talented golfers so they can get achievements in national and international events. According to him, these golf trainers will be contracted for minimum 2 years each. This way, Murdaya hopes that aspiring golf athletes in Indonesia will be motivated and skillful. Also, he wants them to be more potential to enter international competitions.

Murdaya Wants More Golf Players

Many Indonesians think that golf is a super exclusive sport, but Murdaya Poo wants to change that. He wants to make it easier for more Indonesians to enter professional level golf world. Among his plans to make this dream come true is cutting the expensive fee for golf playing at all golf court in Indonesia, as well as asking Indonesian Association of Golf Court Owners (APLGI, Asosiasi Pengusaha Lapangan Golf Indonesia) to be more cooperative and less strict in their policy.

Murdaya Poo also wants to hold more international level golf tournament, and his aim is bringing Indonesia name to SEA Games and Olympic in golf sport.