Mochtar Riady Contributions to Business Education

As a mastermind behind the successful Lippo Group, Panin Bank, BCA and Matahari stores, Mochtar Riyadi realized that education is one of the most important things to achieve if one wants to be successful. He is famous for his tremendous contribution to National University of Singapore, especially for its business school. There are two contributions that he made for the school: a new building for the business school and annual scholarship program dubbed NUS Mochtar Riady Scholarships. His generous attention to the NUS is not surprising, judging the fact that he does his business mostly from Singapore as the international base.

Mochtar Riady Scholarship Programs

Mochtar Riady put special attention to students of business school at National University of Singapore, especially the students from low income families. The scholarship that is based on his contribution is aimed for students of Accountancy and Business Administration, popular programs to take at the NUS. The scholarship is available for both national and international students, and it covers both tuition and living costs during the time of study. The amount of money available for every scholarship recipient can reach more than $63,000 for 5 years of study (Singaporean Dollar).

The scholarships have allowed many students, both local and international, to be able to study business at the NUS. Many students from low income families have managed to use the scholarship as a tool to improve their life and career, and now, Mochtar Riady Scholarship continues to help students to achieve their dreams at one of the best business schools in Singapore.

Mochtar Riady Contribution for NUS Business School

The popularity of National University of Singapore as one of the leading business schools in Asia cannot be separated from Mochtar Riady’s financial contribution. He has contributed more than 21 million dollar (Singaporean Dollar) for the university’s business school, which made him commemorated as the name of new facility building at the NUS business school. His contribution has helped the school to add the facilities, books, opportunities for students and scholarship programs.

Mochtar Riady’s contribution has helped a business school to grow into one of the most prominent education places for business students in Asia, and he also has helped numerous students through his scholarship program. Looking from his long struggle in learning to become a banker, it is no wonder why he puts so much attention in education as one of his most prominent philanthropy projects.