Hary Tanoe and Maneuver in Political Stage of Indonesia

In the wave of the 2014 Presidential Election, the people of Indonesia might witness the coming up of a successful business into political stage. That is Hary Tanoesoedibjo. His name appeared for the first time in political stage when Nasdem declared itself as a societal organization. He began his journey in politic by serving as the chairman of expert board and a vice chairman of Nasdem after it declared itself as a political party. Yet, his career along with Nasdem does not show good progress. Nowadays, he no longer belongs to the party.

Maneuver in Politics

His role in political stage began to increase in the beginning of 2013. On January 21, 2013, he had a conflict with Surya Paloh, who became the chairman of the party. After quitting the party, he later joined Wiranto as the part of Hanura party. In this party, he obtained an important position because of his close relation to Wiranto. There, he became the vice chairman of Hanura and later became so much involved in campaigning Wiranto and Hary Tanoe as a President-Vice President Candiate, especially through his media.

After conducting a long and massive campaign, the result was not as expected despite huge budget spent for the television campaign. It was reported that Hanura ranked the 2nd as a political party that spent most budget for the campaign. On the other hand, Nasdem party showed better result. Nasdem obtained 6.72 % of votes and Hanura only 5.26% in the legislative election. The relation between HT and Wiranto came into coldness especially after the failure to get enough votes. The peak point of disappointment was because of the coalition of Hanura with PKB, PDIP, and Nasdem, which supported Jokowi-JK as president and vice president.

Support for Prabowo-Hatta

The internal conflict in Hanura lead to firing of Hary Tanoe from the party. Later, he joined Prabowo-Hatta. He also spent much money for media campaign to support the presidential candidate No. 1. However, the result was disappointing as the final count by the General Election Commission (KPU) maintained Jokowi-JK as the winner. Perhaps his journey in political stage of the country is not as good as his maneuver in business. It can be said that he is the master in business, but in politics, the story is different.

Aside from his political maneuver, Hary Tanoe is a successful business. Achieving success in business, Hary Tanoe has become a billionaire, for which he has gained much respect from other businessmen. For his experience and business management competence, he is often invited to be a speaker in seminars and to share his experience in business to other businessmen or college students. Actually, there are four basic principles that have made him a successful businessman. They are determination, focus, pray, and commitment.