Tanoto Foundation Extends the Scholarship for University Students

The commitment of Sukanto Tanoto, one of richest persons in Indonesia, to educational sector in the country is unquestionable. Through his foundation, namely Tanoto Foundation, he offers varied educational programs. They are not simply limited to certain events, which are held only once a year. Tanoto Foundation has extended its partnership program to high-level education as a manifestation of its commitment to participate in creating a golden generation supported by dependable human resources.

The ever-tightening competition for job opportunities has urged the youths to improve their quality and capacity; otherwise, they will be left behind. This is evident from the increasing number of population at the age of 12-23 years who are enrolled in a college. In 2004, only 14.6% of this population segment was enrolled in the university. It increased to 29.9% in 2013. However, this is still far away from the expectation, as about 70% of the population at this age does not enjoy higher level education.

Tanoto Foundation Offers S1 and S2 Scholarship Programs

Therefore, as its commitment to create reliable human resources, Tanoto Foundation has collaborated with some notable universities in Indonesia to provide the opportunities for the students to continue their education in the desired universities. Among its partner universities are Gadjah Mada University, University of Riau, University of North Sumatra, Bandung Institute of Technology, University of Indonesia, Bogor Institute of Agriculture, and University of Jambi.

The scholarships were offered for the students who have limited financial resources in a scheme called “National Champion Scholarship.” Actually, despite limited media exposure, the partnership program with universities has been offered since 2006, and at least 4.200 students have received the scholarship funds from the foundation owned by Sukanto Tanoto.

In addition, the coverage of funding is not limited to tuition fee. Tanoto Foundation also facilitates the students from low-income families by providing monthly life allowance and counseling support. They are facilitated to make use of the job opportunities based on their own competence by means of soft skill training and internship programs.

Tanoto Foundation extends the partnership in 2014

In 2014, Tanoto Foundation broadens the coverage of partnership program by adding another two universities into the list of its partners. They are Mulawarman University and Hasanuddin University. As noted by the member of the Board of Trustees, Anderson Tanoto – a son of Sukanto Tanoto – this is done as a response to the increasing interest in the scholarship program. He reported that in 2014, at least 8.000 students have applied for the scholarship, while the foundation allocates its fund only for 230 students.

Anderson also admitted that the foundation allocates at least Rp. 15 billions for the scholarship every year. The fund is used to pay the tuition fee of up to Rp. 5 millions/semester for undergraduate students and Rp. 15 millions/semester for graduate students. It is also allocated for life allowance of at least Rp. 600.000/month for undergraduate students and Rp. 1.200.000/month for graduate students.