Sukanto Tanoto and Business Principle for the Planet

Earth as the place, where human lives, is very prone to damages. Damages occur not only because of the earth age that has reached hundreds of centuries, but also because of human activities. Realized or not, modern human activities have caused many negative impacts on the planet. Industrialization is especially a factor that is responsible for the damages on earth. Sukanto Tanoto is aware that this could lead to serious implications for the future generations. Therefore, his business group applies three principles in the way they run their businesses. One of them is related to the planet.

Sukanto Tanoto Maintains the Forest for the Planet

Sukanto Tanoto’s group of companies, RGE, has a business principle, namely, sustainable development. This development aims to conserve natural resources, especially timber. In carrying out its business, RGE has made advantages of so many natural resources. If the trees are cut down, retrieved and used without replanting, of course, this will have a negative impact not only on the RGE business sustainability, but also on the earth. The effects include flooding due to reduced absorption of carbon dioxide that will increase the greenhouse effect.

As the implementation of the principle, Sukanto Tanoto through RGE, conducts some conservation efforts through by replanting of hundreds of thousands hectares of forest. This is conducted by means of green business practices, such as land clearing without burning, replanting new trees to replace the ones that have been cut down, and giving some distance between the fields.

APRIL’s Move for Environmental Sustainability

APRIL, as part of RGE Group, has established RER (Ecosystem Restoration Riau) in May 2012. RER has succeeded in conserving approximately 20,265 hectares of forest in Riau. Together with its partner companies, the company commits to maintain and conserve the forests in Riau as vast as 450,000 hectares. APRIL becomes a pioneer of this activity. Forest conservation efforts will continue until the first harvest period, which is expected to come in 2019.

RGE does not only conserve forests in Riau. The business group does the same efforts in some other countries. Among these countries are Brazil, where 20% of the forests have been turned into the plantations of the Sateri timber for HCVF (high conservation value forests). It is undeniable that Sukanto Tanoto andbusiness cares for the planet will have a positive impact on the environment. Conserved forests will save the earth from the greenhouse effect that will surely bring the future of the earth to a better direction. Earth must be maintained for the future of our children and grandchildren; mustn’t it?

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