Achmad Hamami Secret to be Successful

PT Trakindo Utama owner Achmad Hamami is among the richest Indonesians in Forbes list that have quite respectable life without any rumors. He is famous not just for his company, which is still the most successful Caterpillar supplier in Indonesia despite competitions, but also for his ability to keep his businesses afloat when Indonesia monetary crisis in 1998 ruined many similar businesses, even the big ones. Also, he is famous for his entrepreneurship and business mentality, which he later passed to his children.

Despite already in his 80s and suffers from glaucoma, Achmad Hamami is always spirited and willing to learn. He is also willing to share his success secrets in many business interviews; here are some of them.

Success Secrets: Perceptiveness and Hard Work

Before starting his own business, Achmad Hamami was known as a jet fighter and later military officer in Indonesian Navy, and he was known as the youngest colonel in his era. Hard work and discipline are two things that were embedded deeply in his characters, which he later applied in business. This is why he managed to grow and keep PT Trakindo in its difficult periods, including during the monetary crisis. Also, he was not ashamed of starting from the bottom; after retired from military, he used his pension money to start math courses for school students. He worked his first business with heart until he got enough capital to start PT Trakindo.

Perceptiveness and ability to read situation were also his secrets of success. Achmad Hamami retired purposely because he did not want to get caught in political and military instability due to rampant corruption. He also thought of starting PT Trakindo because he knew such business was not popular yet in Indonesia, but had great potential since Indonesia was slowly moving to the era of economic prosperity in the 70s and 80s. His past decisions had led him to his position now.

Life Philosophy for Family

Achmad Hamami has four children, and he passed all his business knowledge, skill and life philosophy to his children whenever he can. His third child, Muki, is now even running PT Trakindo Utama as the second generation owner and leader, and the company keeps running successfully. Military like discipline, hard work, perceptiveness and ability to see even the smallest business opportunities have made him listed in among the richest Indonesians and inspiration for many young Indonesian entrepreneurs out there.