The Stories of Ciputra as King of Property Empire Business


Have you ever heard of the Ciputra Group? The company is led and owned by Ciputra. When you imagine the success of Ciputra, then you cannot make a decision that the company’s success is derived from the legacy. This assumption is wrong. Ciputra was born in Central Sulawesi. Last child of three brothers have had a very difficult life since the age of 12 years. Ciputra family has a job as a salesman cake with a very difficult life. Persistence Ciputra began shown when successfully entered into the ITB in the Department of Architecture. Ciputra already started to build a business from four degree at the university. Ciputra and two colleagues start from making collaboration to work with architecture consulting company. Ciputra gave the name of his company with “Jaya Group” Here is a trace record of success in building a business empire Ciputra property.

  1. Ciputra began to develop the property business by making big decisions. When Indonesia does not have the center of the amusement park, the Ciputra build Taman Impian Jaya Ancol on marshland that is not utilized. Until now Taman Impian Jaya Ancol is still one of the best entertainments in Indonesia.
  2. The second company founded by Ciputra is the Metropolitan Group. The company is developing a system of elite residential area in Pondok Indah. This area became one of the elite areas with a very high price. Even the Metropolitan Group, led by Ciputra began developing underdeveloped areas into residential areas that attract many people.
  3. A story that has never been forgotten by Ciputra is a financial crisis that occurred in Indonesia in 1997. At that time Ciputra is currently developing a large variety of business property, but Ciputra must pay all debts with major constraints due to inflation. At the end of Ciputra business running smoothly after getting the economic policies of some banks that lend capital.

Ciputra become one of the successful entrepreneurs in Indonesia, which has been through all kinds of obstacles. Until now, all business trips obtained did not come from an easy road. Success always demonstrated by Ciputra been fishing for all youth in Indonesia. Ciputra always wanted to set an example by developing education in Indonesia. Finally Ciputra establish business school study in the areas specifically. Ciputra University is one of the best educational trails for all those who want to success in business.

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